Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Cloud Bread Christmas

Here's our Christmas offering, a completely unique 'Santa' story. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from all of us on the Cloud Bread crew!

A Cloud Bread Christmas from woody yocum on Vimeo.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


We just got the news and are thrilled!
We all really appreciate the recognition that ASIFA has given us with their nomination for 'Best Children's Television Program' to our independent production. We all believe deeply in this international experiment in children's programming and in the theme of creative expression for children that we have tried to weave into every show. We hope this ANNIES recognition will help us reach a wider audience.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Expensive Antique

The Expensive Antique from woody yocum on Vimeo.

This story has so much character and insight into the world of friendship that is unique to kids. Ruiz stars in this film, a real gem. This again is Director Jay Jang's sensitive storyboard. One of our best!

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy from woody yocum on Vimeo

This show is a very original fantasy adventure focusing just on Hongshi. It's amazing how much story you can really tell in 7:20. My part in this was helping out supervising stbd ,record and post. Director Jay Jang storyboarded this one himself.

Cloud Bread Creations

Here is some of the super cute product Development that our Producer Annie Oh has been making in her spare time (HOW?!?)
So much fun, we'll be showing lots more soon.

Hongshi's 'Little Brother'

Hongshi's 'Little Brother' from woody yocum on Vimeo.

Some of our best episodes revolve around small family events. In this case the Cat family is taking care of a baby for a few days. Hongshi's character flows so naturally in this story that it is a really refreshing show. Director Jay Jang's approach on the characters is right on the mark.

MainTitles (Korean Version)

Cloud Bread Main Titles (Korean) from woody yocum on Vimeo.

Here's the Korean language version of our MainTitle as airing on KBS. We think its has caught the feeling of the show wonderfully and the response has been fnatastic. We are in the process of making the English language version now....more soon

Sunday, October 17, 2010

30 second Promo (Korean Language version)

This is the super cute 30 second spot that KBS is running for Cloudbread. We are just doing the english version now.

30 second Cloud Bread Promo (korean language version) from woody yocum on Vimeo.

Hongshi's Bank Book

This episode is a nice example of of a story that is entirely about our character relationships and one in which Cloud Bread plays only a minor role. The ability of flight that Cloud Bread gives our characters is used mostly as an opportunity
for situations that make for good character driven stories. This has been Director Jay Jang's priority from the beginning.The really nice performance that Director Wu in Carloon has gotten with the characters is what makes this episode focusing on Hongbi and Honshi's relationship work.

Our New Friend Wooli

This is a nice example of how we like to blend the fantasy side of Cloud Bread with our character stories. In our early episodes we introduce the members of our little ensemble.
So much of the feeling in these stories is really the result of great casting by Larry Huber our Supervising Producer and Rene Veilleux our Voice Director. Director Jay Woon Jang has focused on making this a character driven show from the beginning and it is really paying off.

Cloud Bread- Our New Friend Wooli from woody yocum on Vimeo.

Our First Episode!

Our first episode, Cloudbread is a coproduction of GIMC, Carloon and DPS. Bringing this cut-out mixed media styling to a series production was a big challenge. It is animated entirely in Maya. Our Director is Jay Woon Jang. Our producers are Annie Oh and Donghan Cho and Mr Nam (CEO) and Mr Cho manage for DPS. DPS developed the show and produces the the pre-production and Korean post. Our curriculum is a new art/ creative expression approach. We are building a comprehensive set of web materials and activities to complement the episodes.

Cloud Bread from woody yocum on Vimeo.